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Learn to become a reiki healer using the Usui attunement with Kath, a master reiki healer with 17 years of experience. Learn through levels 1 and 2 before coming a master in reiki healing in Sheffield.

Please see courses below below. For more details on individual and group training prices please contact Kath directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible with course dates.  

Saturday 15th January 2022 - Reiki 11 course, please contact me for details.

Saturday 5th February 2022 -  Proposed date for Reiki 1 training, please contact me for details 








Reiki Healer Training in Sheffield

Reiki training involves three levels of training and attunements:


Reiki Level 1 Training

Learning reiki opens the to door to a profound personal journey as you learn how to use reiki to heal not only yourself but others as well.  With Reiki Level 1 you will:

learn the history of reiki  Begin using reiki for healing yourself and others   Learn about chakras & the energy system
Practice giving reiki to others   Be attuned to reiki level 1 energy   Get your reiki level 1 training manual
Complete your reiki 1 certification   Receive ongoing email and  phone support from Kath.


Reiki Level 2 Training

Advancing to reiki 2 training brings your reiki practice to the next level. In reiki 1, you learn hands on healing for self and others.  With level 2, you will begin working with the reiki symbols and learn how to use reiki for absentee/distance healing. With Reiki Level 2 you will: 

Enjoy a deeper exploration of your reiki experience   Learn the reiki 2 symbols and practice using them
Practice absentee healing   Get reiki 2 attunements   Receive your reiki II manual 
Complete your reiki Level 3 certification   Receive ongoing email and phone support from Kath.


Reiki Master Training

Becoming a reiki master expands your reiki journey to an even deeper level as you begin working with the master symbol and learn how to pass attunements and teach reiki to others. In the Master Reiki Class You will: 

Learn the reiki master symbols    Receive your reiki master attunement 
Learn how to teach reiki and pass reiki attunements  Receive your master certification 
Receive training materials to use for your students  Receive ongoing training and support from your reiki master.


For more information on reiki courses with Kath please call us on the number provided and we will provide you with course dates and prices.

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 Reiki Healing Sessions


Relax, de stress and encourage feelings of peace with reiki healing in Sheffield. All of our treatments are designed to heal holistically with every session unique to the clients needs and well-being. Find out more about what reiki is and what it can do for you on our reiki treatments page.  


Reiki Treatments






Reiki Gift Vouchers 


Offer your family and loved ones the opportunity to heal holistically with our reiki healing sessions in Sheffield. Our gift cards are the perfect present to treat those who could benefit from a relaxing treatment. For more information on gift vouchers please contact Kath on the number provided directly or via the contact from on the contacts page.

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